The Cosmos Series

This is a series of nine articles, six of which I wrote originally about four years ago. They are a tribute and an overview of the body of work of the philosopher Alan W. Watts. I have recently edited all of them to my satisfaction so that they are not so word for word as Watts talked about the concepts. Nevertheless, the ideas expressed in them are not his property but is found scattered throughout several ways of life, particularly Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism.

  1. The Game of Opposites - On the game aspect of the universe and its rules.

  2. Mechanics of Surprise - On the principle of surprising one’s self and others.

  3. Cosmology for the Ridiculous - On the three models of the universe.

  4. That Which Escapes All Conceptualisations - On describing a class that can’t be defined.

  5. Unified Theory of Nothing - On nothingness.

  6. Reality Is Bliss - On the mystical experience.

  7. An Epilogue on Timelessness - On time as a system of entrapment.

  8. Coming soon…