This is a collection of my poems I’ve written over the years.

This Dewdrop World

I am drifting to the sky
not a care, gently I fly
we came here to be free
this I say now, you’ll see.

No worries, take it easy
no concepts, make it breezy
step towards this, eyes open
truer words, were never spoken.

The hidden thread, laid bare
this whole scene, under its care
from the shadows it operates
from the nothing it creates.

It’s already been split
but this again, you won’t admit
you fool, you disguise so well
Stop. Can you hear the bell?

It is the sound of your heart
the wisdom of a long forgotten art
reach for it, there’s no rush
at the end it’s waiting, crush

Do you see now? It’s time.
just breathe, you did the climb
rest a while and enjoy the view
this dewdrop world, I leave to you.


We built this prison
that never has arisen
a phantom of our making
blockade to our waking

So selfish a desire
burning inside like a fire
make it into ashes
until it finally crashes

Out comes the great pretense
with a stone wall of defence
it cannot be penetrated
no matter how much it is hated

Throw it into a pit
no, you cannot submit
there is no escape
should I just amputate

This joker of ours
counting down the hours
to our final resting place
lost without a trace


Looking beyond, I see nothing
Looking at people, I see them rushing
Running, away from the now
It’s as if they have lost The Tao

Worry not for tomorrow
What you shall eat, what you shall borrow
It is all temporary anyway, an illusion
Though it persists in its delusion

Not a day has gone by
That I didn’t give it a try
Casting aside the veil
Was the task I began setting towards my sail
I might’ve failed countless times
Yet I will keep playing these chimes

What is it that keeps on appearing
In these myriads of forms, then disappearing
Where do the flowers come from?
That isn’t known even to the Four Winds

From the abyss it awakens
The darkness itself as its source
By creating its opposite that brightens
Mother Nature’s fundamental force

What is The Way, I ask you
Your own mind is The Way


I met someone who told me once
The hour of atonement thus comes
Without hesitation, without ransom
Redemption of our own prodigal son

It was hidden in plain sight
This you won’t admit until the long fight
To the very last of the splendor of life
The gateless gate to the abyss of night

Who do you think you really are
Discover and you won’t get far
Turn around and it escapes you
Reach for it and it obscures you

The many forms it takes
The polar opposites it creates
We once was lost but not indefinitely
I do not take it seriously, only sincerely


A lonely smile, addressed to no one
I won my heart’s desire but I run
Seeing others fight and they lie
While all this world is sweeping by

Love echoes and smiles to me at dawn
My eyes race up yet I am calm
The undiscovery of the unknown
Darkness to the light it was thrown

Laid bare for all eyes to see
It will not stay hidden for eternity
Cast your curtain aside now
It is a stream unfolding like the Tao

The connection that touches things themselves
Jumping from abyss and back into it delves
What is this that I am feeling
I do not know but I have an inkling

The creation of the creative makes it true
From one second of happiness, then turns blue
It is not without some kind of clamour
Realization of its inherent humour

Know it or don’t know it, I made a jest
Its cycle throughout the kalpas without rest
At the end of it a process of destruction
Come out of the nightmare, it was your own volition

Where are we now? There is no limitation
Without cause, without destination
No time, no space in which to move
Because we transcended all that groove