Third Time's The Charm

My “first” post, and on the purpose of this site.

Here we go again. The site is back up after being on hiatus but this time it’s going to stay. This is the third and final iteration of the website. It will get updates I’m sure, but mostly it will be what you see here before you.

I have no extensive background with web developing so I chose the easy route for convenience. Jekyll static site generator coupled with the most awesome theme for it I could find. Now a little bit about on some updates regarding myself.

I’ve gotten new energy to write lately, and that has led me to continue my stories, and also non-fiction. And that actually led to me to finish a preliminary work on mysticism. I have other book projects brewing as well. So there’s certainly no shortage of what to write. Ah, and then there will be my magnum opus. But that will be years in the making, and is still on its planning stage.

I opted for writing the majority of my texts inside Emacs, on the GNU Guix system. Not only for the tremendous nerd-value, but because I like using them for productivity and developing.

Also, fucking yay for Org-mode! It lets me plan my schedule with relative ease, and it is no-nonsense pure writing in its simplicity. I can then export the text files as LaTeX documents for TeXStudio for advanced formatting and layouting.

The only downside is when I really get into writing is the fact that my other interests, such as digital painting gets left on the sideslines, but it can’t be helped.

Because I also have gaming, philosophy and other things as my interests. It’s a hard bargain, juggling between everything. I also write poems, some of which you can already find on this site.

Speaking about the site, you’ll notice that it has some pretty nifty things, such as darkmode among others. I’m also going to incorporate commenting on my blog posts in the near future and there is also newsletter for the latest updates(which I barely use). But if I was the visitor, I’d rather opt for the RSS feed which I think is sufficient enough. But that’s my own preference.

I think that’s the most relevant points I can think for the time being. I also got myself another server which I set up my most batshit insane material. You can find it on The Ultimate Principle.

The reason for keeping them separate is only because I want to keep this site more of a portfolio than a blog. And also because the purpose of that secondary site might change in the future.

Like, I want to incorporate a sort of documentation for the subject matter. All I will say is, stay tuned for some weird and strange content between this and that!