This poem is about consciousness and its content.

Why do the stars shine?
What is it, that started the process?
How do we manage to be conscious?
Where are we?

In a way these are all besides the point.
The question does not come out of external circumstances,
but of identity of one’s own being.
But what is life, than the quest for finding out who you are.

In executing the pattern, one finds meaning.
There is no point in dancing with a goal.
The sound does not mean anything, simply listen to it.
So what then is the meaning of us existing?

How does one label the entire spectrum?
Or would you rather be one tiny part of it?
Why do you seek conformity in the midst of chaos?
Is it simply the fear out of which you were tossed?

The part is the entirety.
To will is to move.
Do not try to control the scheme of things.
Fear nothing, for fear is nothing.

Time does not stand still, it does not stand at all.
It ends when there is nothing else left to learn.
This agony, you are against and with, but never overcoming it.
Always attacking others, because you think that is redemption.

Who are you, behind the mask?
Why do you choose to hide?
What is your darkest inmost secret?
Did you forget who you really were?

Tear down the mask, reveal yourself.
You hide in darkness because you think darkness can hide.
Let the secret out, into the light.
The truth is more shattering than you realize.

The only question that matters,
is the one which people will dismiss.
Tell me just this one thing:
Is it ultimately serious?