This poem is about the many ways in which take part in society and finding wisdom.

A droplet of light lives inside each of us
As we wander hopelessly through life with our eyes wide shut
How can one lose something they never had to begin with?
What is it which makes us make the same mistakes over and over?

A whisper shrouded deep in mystery echoes from the walls of your heart
Dancing tunes of extremety, yet you do not give quarter to it
The truth that would set you free is but a joke, hushed under the carpet
You damned fool, you think you can escape your fate?

A star shines out of darkness, but nobody sees it, yet they dream of it
Glimmering ray of hope to some, a horrible aberration to those who would keep it to themselves
Try as one might, they cannot quench their thirst with words, they must go beyond them
What lies in between events, things and happenings?

It would be immensily troubling to the guardians of the rules, to see them flourish
The system was built to trap one’s self into a perpetual confinement
Yet there are those who go around and undermine it, to the joy for those in the know
Does it really take something so drastic to realize the wisdom that has been laid out all this time?

I watch as the world sweeps us away, I laugh in the face of annihilation
My dearest, do not abandon the opportunity to see the show for what it is.