This poem is about getting absorbed into the details of life and seeing eternity in a heartbeat.

Why do we lose our smile?
How do details beguile?
When do we redeem ourselves?
What is the problem of stillness?

Smile, smile forevermore, there is no prevention
It is the pattern which grabs our attention
There is no error to be found in completeness
Difference creates interest to stationary existence

Listening to the sounds of being
Unfolding the very space and sightseeing
Every point relative to each other
Preceded only by the Great Mother

Why do we hide?
To what purpose does the mask abide?
Was it not written in your scripture
That after getting lost comes torture?

Hiding because we fear
Diverting attention from us here
The only hell there is really
Is the one we conceptualized silly

Cast aside the notion
To the problem there is a potion
Smile, smile forevermore, it is your doing
Stop chasing after where it is going

We pick up the pieces
The separation thus decreases
Back to the point where it all started
To the everlasting and hearted