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Luminous Nine Productions is a project which tries to say something very important. Only, it does it by obscuring the message in a multitude of meanings. The aim of the project is to act as a catalyst for a certain phenomenon, which really can’t be talked about. Until such an event is possible, it might be a good idea to discuss the project’s many other goals.

One of them is entertainment. And that term is meant very loosely yet in the widest sense of the word. Secondly, it provides a hub for all kinds of crap, such as an on-going science fiction and mystery story. And also poems. And thirdly, it tries convey something that is important to the author. And that is that no matter how many words one uses, they will always fall short of the actuality of what’s going on. In other words, they cannot impart experience, only concepts.

Now that that’s out of the way, some technical details.

Unless otherwise instructed, I (L. Nine from Luminous Nine Productions), am the legal copyright holder of all (written, multimedia and graphic) material on this website and it may be copied, modified and referenced without my written consent. A link to Luminous Nine Productions must appear in all (shared) copies of any artwork or content, including articles, press releases, photos, and psychedelic visions.

The opinions expressed by any Third Parties are their own and do not represent the position or belief of Luminous Nine Productions. I also am not responsible – nor do I care – for any closed-minded, impolite or offensive thoughts by readers towards my site.

Hold Harmless

All the information provided on Luminous Nine Productions is for general information and entertainment purposes only and is the expressed opinion of myself, L. Nine and not others. This includes (but is not limited to) my references and quotations by other people. Although most of the people in question are probably deceased by now.

I am not providing any medical, legal, professional, unprofessional, pragmatical, astronomical, astrological, magical, psychological, mathematical, philosophical or social (and it’s opposite), advice. You are taking all the provided information at your own risk. Please contact your local hospital, doctor, nurse, therapist, bottle of hootch, or your imaginary friend to find or obtain a referral to a competent professional.

Under no circumstances will I be liable for any loss of ego or brain damage (including without limitation indirect or consequential loss or damage) or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from losing touch to reality.

I cannot be held responsible for any offence taken due to translation, interpretation or mistakes in grammar and/or punctuation of my website’s content. Feel free to email me about any type errors though.

Although I try to keep Luminous Nine Productions running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, access to the site may be temporarily or permanently suspended and without notice at my own discretion, due to possible updates or technical issues beyond my control, such as forgetting to renew my domains or an AI apocalypse. I have severe health problems and in the event of website being down, do not expect me to get it back up immediately.

Renounced Rights

I, L. Nine from Luminous Nine Productions, reserve the rights to all material on the website excluding the right to change the focus of the site, to shut it down or change the terms of use according to my whim.

I also reserve the rights to edit or delete any content submitted to Luminous Nine Productions without notice due to: content deemed to be out of date, undesired, no longer necessary or just plain ugly.

Privacy Statement

Any personal and/or contact information provided to me will be kept private. You will not be spammed in any way, I will not send you replies in the heat of the moment, or rage, and I will not sell or disclose your information to any other companies. I will not pretend to be as friendly as possible at all times but keep in mind, that you might not get answered back at all.

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any of my advertisers and/or service providers.

Terms of Use

Use of: https://luminousnine.com – Luminous Nine Productions

This policy is valid from 4th of October, 2022

The viewing and reading of all information on Luminous Nine Productions is of your own free will. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you should cease use of this website immediately. If you do however want to wander around and perhaps read some interesting philosophical ramblings, please don’t leave just yet.

I reserve the right to change any of these Terms and Conditions at any given time on this website. As I am quite unpredictable and a chaotic person, please check back here whenever you have time.

Even though I don’t work much to provide you with kickass experience-based information, I make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any information, opinions, ideas or related graphics contained on Luminous Nine Productions for any purpose.

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Luminous Nine

A self-proclaimed Painter, Writer, Philosopher, Creative Being and a Headcase. Specializes in story-telling of all kinds, including poetry, digital painting, amusing and just general chatting.

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