This place houses my books and other stories.


0. Non-Book - An Antithesis Against Making Sense

This is a tongue-in-cheek cacophony of non-sensical jokes, passages, prose, poems, stories, and philosophical amusings. It’s not an argument, only an expression. It’s also not serious. Enjoy!

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1. The Zero Principle - A Fool’s Guide to The Cosmos

This is a discarded project but nonetheless as “complete” as you’ll get out of the first part of my opus on mysticism. It’s even edited, for the most part. It lacks two whole parts to it, making it but a shadow of the original planned book.

It’s written with the same attitude almost as the Non-Book, only, even not taking it seriously shouldn’t be taken seriously, if that makes any sense. It means that I took some concepts with more gravity than others because they are close to my heart and mind.

It’s full of repetitive language, mishaps, and general bad form. But if you can bear all that, I bid you well on your endeavours, as the book makes the claim that you are not who you were told.

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2. The Dream of Benjamin Ward

“When Benjamin meets his new psychiatrist, he agrees to take part in an experiment she has devised. Together they embark on a journey, not to another place, but his subconscious, as they try to unravel the deep trauma he is suffering from and the secret surrounding his entire life.”

As a disclaimer, I have not actually edited this story yet. But I will soon.

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3. The Dance of Darkness and Light

This is a short story about the opposite forces of darkness and light.

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