On Emptiness

On the concept of the void.

The following writing is about two characters from ancient China, circa 600 BCE, to 300 BCE, followed by Zen Buddhism and the concept of emptiness. I’m not an expert on these ways of life. The writing is obviously my interpretation of what it means. It’s not supposed to be a historical document full of facts. So chill out you son of a gun.

Priorities are Wack

On figuring myself out.

It struck me recently that the prospect of writing a full book, let alone three books, is a monstrous task for anyone. So I’ve given up on it. There are other ways of publishing my half-assed material, and this blog is going to be one of them. What follows this post, is a series of “essays” I’ve written over the years, that deal with a multiplicity of topics. They range from relativity, to networks, to mysticism, to games, to emptiness, to creativity, among others.

The Definitive Landing

My “first” post, and on the purpose of this site.

You want something strange, I’ll give you something weird. This is the second and final iteration of the website. It will get updates I’m sure, but mostly it will be what you see here before you. I have no extensive background with web developing so I chose the easy route for convenience. Jekyll static site generator coupled with the most awesome theme for it I could find. Now a little bit about on some updates regarding myself.