Game Theory of the Universe

On the game-view of the universe.

Disclaimer: this is quite long as a post, so feel free to grab some snacks and a beverage. It goes into metaphysics of one of my favourite points of view, that is to say, how to see the cosmos as a game.

Aesthetics and Space

On beauty and the way we dismiss space being unimportant.

Disclaimer: as a reminder, please don’t take this seriously, especially the idea for a theory of beauty.

A New Direction

On the changes regarding the mysticism work.

It’s been a while since my last post. Since the last hodgepodge of plans, I’ve made a complete 180 degree turn regarding the original book on mysticism. Instead of writing an academic, rigorous, precise and borderline jarring textbook on the ineffable, I’ve decided to recreate the whole thing as a fictional story.

The Function of Art

On the function and purpose of art.

The function of art in my thinking is to act as a mirror. It reflects our inner dreams, vision, and purpose. It is the outward appearance of an inward expression.

Ever since the first cave paintings of the prelinguistic era, human beings have come up with ways of transferring and translating their emotions, desires, and spiritual connection with nature itself to each other.

Whatever form or activity it takes, art permeates throughout history’s weave with considerable momentum in revealing something about the context, the culture, the individual and the collective.

An Analysis on GNU Guix

A short description of the GNU Guix system distribution.

Guix is an advanced system distribution with easy rollbacks, reproducible configuration, isolated shell environments, and more. It is based on the NixOS system. I have been using it close to two years now, and even though it was a rough start at first, I’ve been running it on the same install since last winter.

On Creativity

On being an artist and creativity.

Are there rules to being a good writer? Or a great artist? Probably. But, how can we ever find out if what we produce is worthwhile, unless we actually make a move. I could sit here for eternity ruminating about what to write, or instead of that I could actually write. I’m always too much in the heads of the audience, instead of my own mode of creativity.

On Alan Watts

On the life, character, and works of Alan Watts.

The wonder of a child, as it looks out into the world and the universe in amazement, is without a parallel. It is pure magical delight. Perhaps that is why, when I was first introduced to the material of Alan Watts, struck me so strongly. Because, it reminded me of something that I had long since forgotten. The pure wonder towards life, and its strange phenomena.

My Methods of Creativity

On different tools and techniques for my creativity.

What follows now is a systemic look on what tools and techniques I use for different creative activities. These activities range from digital painting, to writing, to drawing, to communication in general. I’ll begin with the tools, after which comes the techniques.

Third Time's The Charm

My “first” post, and on the purpose of this site.

Here we go again. The site is back up after being on hiatus but this time it’s going to stay. This is the third and final iteration of the website. It will get updates I’m sure, but mostly it will be what you see here before you.