On Creativity

On being an artist and creativity.

Are there rules to being a good writer? Or a great artist? Probably. But, how can we ever find out if what we produce is worthwhile, unless we actually make a move. I could sit here for eternity ruminating about what to write, or instead of that I could actually write. I’m always too much in the heads of the audience, instead of my own mode of creativity.

My Methods of Creativity

On different tools and techniques for my creativity.

What follows now is a systemic look on what tools and techniques I use for different creative activities. These activities range from digital painting, to writing, to drawing, to communication in general. I’ll begin with the tools, after which comes the techniques.

A Plan of The Decade

On my “magnum opus” and other plans.

Had a bit of a breakthrough the other day. Instead of writing solely a brick on mysticism and the ego-transcendence, I’m going to transmigrate some stuff into the more sincere (and serious) philosophy work, and make it the main work.

Third Time's The Charm

My “first” post, and on the purpose of this site.

Here we go again. The site is back up after being on hiatus but this time it’s going to stay. This is the third and final iteration of the website. It will get updates I’m sure, but mostly it will be what you see here before you.