A New Direction

On the changes regarding the mysticism work.

It’s been a while since my last post. Since the last hodgepodge of plans, I’ve made a complete 180 degree turn regarding the original book on mysticism. Instead of writing an academic, rigorous, precise and borderline jarring textbook on the ineffable, I’ve decided to recreate the whole thing as a fictional story.

There were several reasons for the change in direction. One was, it gets me off so many hooks of trying to make a traditional philosophy thesis. Let’s face it, that’s way out of my league. Another reason was that I had a complete block on writing for six months. But that was undone immediately as I made the decision. Words started to flow once again.

And since I’ve restarted the entire work, it will be a while before it will be out. But at least this time I will actually publish the final work. Now, I thought I’d share a little bit about this passion of mine that has been planned for the past 7 or so years:

I’ve been writing a “masterwork” of philosophical thought since 2017 now. It started as a series of blog posts, which then developed into essays, a short book and finally the current project I’m writing. I hit a reef last year because I was determined to make it as academic and accurate, evidence-based as possible.

But that resulted me in not writing a single word for six months after a massive marathon which lasted for 8 months straight. So I decided on a new direction for it, and instead of making it a rigorous, logical, traditional philosophy thesis, I’m writing the entire thing as a story. But what makes this different from your usual science fiction or fantasy, is that the basic idea of it is not a system, a theory, or a concept, but an experience.

This experience, has gone with by many names: cosmic consciousness, mystical experience, bodhi, satori, nirvana, moksha, or mukti. It’s a book purely on mysticism. And its purpose is to inspire, make one think, and generally amuse on a point of view I’ve come to know and enjoy.

It will take some time, as I’ve only recently started rebuilding it from the ground up, the reason being the previously mentioned change in direction. Nevertheless, if I can get into a similar groove like I did last year, it won’t be too long before it will start coming together.

You could call this my life’s work, as I’ve spend the past 7 years ruminating on the various points, topics and ideas that I consider to be the culmination of my thinking. The sheer abundance of the dots I’m trying to connect, could be considered a monumental mission, as it not only explains the idea through a systems theory approach, but it delves into consciousness and psychological principles, metaphysics, ethics and society, and finally spirituality and mysticism itself.

My goal is to publish this work eventually, but before that, I will share it to some 50 people who have requested it from me over the years, and I hope they will share it as wide as possible. As money is not part of that goal, but a bonus.

I hope it will create a ripple effect unlike anything the Earth has ever seen. That may come off as somewhat of a delusion of grandeur, but I’m done with putting myself down. I’ve done it all my life, on a constant basis. So let this moment be a reminder, that we’re all equally important to what I call The Cosmological Network. And I hope people will enjoy this work, as much as I have in making it.

Now then. Putting that rambling aside, I have some good news. I think I’m finally getting rid of a thing that has made me unhealthy for the past 25 years, and that is smoking cigarettes. In the past week, I’ve smoked less than twenty, and in the past three days, only two. So, woo-fucking-hoo!

I’m also trying to eat healthier now. As I’ve always been neglecting of my own health, this will be a challenge unto itself. But nevertheless with all these things my hope is to see my stories out there in the public eye and mind one day. Wish me luck, or don’t. Cheers.