The idea is to gradually fill this section with topics that interest yours truly.


0. Digital Painting

I’ve been a digital painter since 2006. Prior to getting my first drawing tablet, I painted my images with a computer mouse, which suffice it to say, was a pain in the ass, or wrist rather.

Links and resources:
DeviantArt - The definitive place for artists world over.
ArtStation - Another well-recognized hub for artists.
Behance - A network for creators.
CGsociety - A social network for professional digital artists.

1. Writing

I’ve always had a knack for writing and story-telling. But it didn’t really take off until 2017 after listening to a series of lectures on philosophical topics, which inspired me to start a blog.

Links and resources:
WattPad - The definitive place for writers and authors world over.
AO3/Archive of Our Own - The place to be if you’re a fan-fiction writer. - An anonymous open source blog.
Ghost - A blogging and content-creating platform.(WordPress can go suck an egg.)

2. Music

I used to play the piano and keyboards when I was a teenager, but I hadn’t made much music since, until relatively recently. I composed few experimental songs during the summer of 2022, and might do more in the future.

Links and resources:
SoundCloud - Platform to create, share and listen to music.
Ardour - An open-source digital audio workstation.

3. Other Creativity

Links and resources:
Types of Art - On different movements and styles of art.


4. Eastern Philosophy

My main background into philosophical inquiry comes from the East, specifically from Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism. I’ve been interested in their concepts ever since the early last decade. When my friend introduced me to the topics through the philosopher and entertainer Alan W. Watts, I started collecting his entire catalogue of lectures and seminars on various topics. I completed the catalogue last year.

Links and resources:
Daoism - Stanford’s info on Taoism.
Chan/Zen Buddhism - Stanford’s info on Zen.
Huayan Buddhism - Huayan influenced Zen greatly, and could be considered the intellectual basis of it.
Shankara - One of the greatest commentators on the Upanishads, the philosopher of Advaita Vedanta school.
Terebess Asia Online - A collection of resources and books on Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

5. Western Philosophy

I’m currently studying this, as my friend gave me an exhaustive list on the history on the main philosophers and their primary works, going from Plato and Aristotle all the way to Wittgenstein. I know very little currently but I suppose my background in Eastern ways of life comes in handy in understanding some of the questions that has been asked all throughout recorded history by both sides.

Links and resources:
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - One of the best resources for philosophy.
Alan W. Watts - An “elaborator” and a philosopher who tried to bridge the gap between the East and the West. An author, lecturer, teacher, joker, and spiritual entertainer who has given me countless hours of pure delight.

6. Psychology

Another field which I have a certain knack, in that I can read people in various ways which enables me to communicate with them more effectively. Other than that, I know precious little. But I am studying it. Especially Jung’s work.

Links and resources:
C. G. Jung - The founder of analytical psychology, he discovered such aspects as the “shadow”, persona, and cognitive functions in the human being. Considered to be one of the most intelligent people to ever walk this Earth, he makes me shit my pants just thinking about it.