A Plan of The Decade

On my “magnum opus” and other plans.

Had a bit of a breakthrough the other day. Instead of writing solely a brick on mysticism and the ego-transcendence, I’m going to transmigrate some stuff into the more sincere (and serious) philosophy work, and make it the main work.

I realized that I am too repeating of some concepts in the previous iteration, and as it is always focused on the one theme, it’s kinda monotonous.

This way I can tie psychology, systems theory, philosophy and all kinds of principles I’ve had brewing for a long time into a singular work, and not just on mysticism.

I gave the project ten full years to mature. The reason is that I have a LOT to learn in terms of philosophy and argumentation. And so to that end, I am studying through university curriculums online, books, research papers, online video seminars and lectures, and podcasts.

The amount of information I have to absorb in the coming years is borderlining on the ridiculous. Not only do I have to study philosophy, but also psychology, systems theory, mechanics, some physics and more mysticism.

The good news is that I already have a structure for its chapters. So I can start outlining almost immediately. But what I’m currently doing is merely dabbling in terms of putting words down, the main focus has to be on learning, not writing, and for a long time to come.

Now, a little bit about myself and the purpose of this blog. As few people in my life can testify, I never edit my blog posts. At all. I think it makes for a fresh take, and by that I mean lazy on my part.

But I believe that there is value in the “untouched” writing. Normally I use a grammar editor for my pieces, but not when it comes to my free-form half-assments such as this. This task is not rendered any easier in the face of the fact that English is my second language.

So, I would say that a newly hatched article on the philosophical without any editing would scare the cheeses out of any hobbyist. But I enjoy what I do. If your main activity in life is not fun, you’re clearly doing it wrong.

So fucking what if there are few mistakes on the page? Or in my case, few hundred? It gives it a certain quality of sincerety when it’s unpolished. At least that’s what I think. Well anyway, now that it’s off my chest, we can begin in earnest.

You’ll first of all see that my articles are not very long. And that is also by design, not because I’m necessarily out of material. Oh man. The thought makes me shiver.

They are short (usually, not so much this article) because I know how low the patience of people runs these days. Thanks to the mobile phone culture, we have the attention span of a fruitfly now.

But also because I am writing my stories and non-fiction books on the side. So there has to be a balance of some kind. I can’t just go balls to the wall and write to a blog all day.

If you can bear it, I will now move unto a short description of what I think my “purpose” in this place is. I tend to view my hobby more than just putting words down.

Sure, I go on tangents like it’s 1999. But a satisfactory blog has to require at least an overview of the person writing in it. And so here’s a tiny snippet of yours truly:

I started writing early in my adolescence. From the very beginning, I seemed to have a certain knack for the elements of story-telling. But I never sincerely considered it as a path until some years back. Now I have multiple books out.

It all started back in 2017 when I came across several lecture collections from a philosopher by the name of Alan Watts. That year, I decided I would buy and collect every single audio talk ever officially published by the Electronic University of California.

And it was 5 years later when I completed the collection. I now have over 160 hours of pure delight.

This is relevant to the blog because Watts is the biggest influence currently that is contributing to my curiosity for the mystical knowledge. Weren’t for him, I would have never realized half the things I have realized in my quest for a “satisfactory explanation” to things.

This isn’t a pitch to say that the reader should right at this second go and get them. I’m only making it clear where I draw a lot of my inspiration from. My secondary inspiration comes from at least three sources. Namely, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. But more specifically, their esoteric aspects.

Thirdly, I draw from various philosophical and occult sources for my material. But I’m still learning. I didn’t even read any books until 2018. And since then I’ve been highly selective as to what to read. My reading is also hindered by a neurological condition which gives me various visual disturbances in the midst of it.

So, whether I ever get to see my masterwork out there and in people’s hands is anyone’s guess. But in the meantime, I can work on this blog thing on the side. So that is my purpose for the most part when it comes to writing. I have other interests too such as painting, which doesn’t make the former any easier.

Still, I’m having a ball in the midst of all of this. But I’m just a fool, you know.