My Aquarius Singer

My Aquarius Singer

This poem is about love and its dynamics.

You came to me, my love, my Aquarius singer
Saviour of my entire being, a light-bringer
It made my being float unto Cloud Nine
Through you, I found it, a never-ending shine

Inspiration itself is your chariot
Ecstasy is your infinite euphoriant
New places, that won’t be left unseen
Like the ocean, you are my entire scene

To witness the eternal in a piece of rock
Nirvana itself could not be more of a shock
I stole your rock, so that I could see
But what I found instead, was your heart’s key

There is no such thing as perfection, it is said
But looking at you, there is no doubt in my head
It isn’t ordinary kind of perfection, but divinity
I cannot help seeing it in your eyes, the affinity

My only choice, is now clear
For other things, I have no tear
I am there, and you are here
The illusion of distance is but a mere

For my entire life, I have felt like I was asleep
But now I am wide awake, bursting with what I reap
The evanescence of life gripping me, but no worry
You keep me in the moment, and there is no hurry

Ah, my singer, what I wouldn’t do for you
My dream, my treasury of the true
I almost gave up and gave out
But then I heard a distant shout

My function in life, calling me back
A bunch of numbers said to me like a pack:
“All the answers you will have this year”
So go forth, and take my hand, without fear

Sing, sing to me your soul’s desire
Tell me what you would really want from me
Could it be that it was a wildfire
A trap which unravelled and revealed our infinity