This poem is about the nature of being trapped and how to overcome it.

We made ourselves into slaves, trapped in a perpetual scheme
The so-called techonological marvels, are but a snare
In the middle of which we try to bridge the gap, by disconnecting
An eternity in a heartbeat, we come and go, yet the system is in place

What is the way out? Death does not fix a thing, it only subverts
The only possible solution is to drop it all, and just be
An impossible mission set up by the keepers of time
Rewind and you replace one problem with another
fast forward and you miss the point

Incomprehensible is the state of affairs which dictate our lives
Too close to it, and you won’t see the forest from the trees
Too far away and you lose yourself, to a force greater than your ego
There is no trap, the whole show is a sham, the curtains fall down
Revealing the actor behind every possible role, the ultimate joke
This is not to say, that one should give up

Dithering in a state of hesitation, we try to make the right choice
Not realising that there never was such a thing, as an error
Do not be ashmed of being youself, guilt is a self-inflicted punishment
You’ve been through it, you’ve had enough, there is no other hell
The moment you become whole, is not a loss of identity, it’s completion
The trap becomes your salvation, the ceaseless comings and goings of I
The beauty is in every thing, and everyone, the unknowing poets

Wither, it’s not a problem
Stop, there is silence
Continue, the dance goes on
Look, you didn’t come into this world
Realise, you came out of it

What if I told you, that the truly free are those, who think they are not?
The trap is an illusion, you created it to forget that you were playing
Musical is the universe which creates a rhythm to which everything circles
Gaze up at the stars, and realise who you really are
All loses meaning in the prospect of disappearance, unless you live fully
We are not born so we would be safe, we dare each other, from the beginning
The thrill of danger, in every second, the possibility of things going wrong
I forgot, that the distinction between you and I, is but an idea

What then, is the trap, except our idea that we aren’t free.