The Unresolved

The Unresolved

This poem is about the inner beast.

Every whisper in the wind
Tells your messed up truth
Every song on the radio
Is your march of doom

You see villains in every line
No escape so you bide your time
The carcass that you drag around
Over the mountain even
And to the darkest ocean abyss

What is that truth that you cannot admit?
For what reason would you comdemn yourself?
And cast yourself into the punishment of eternity
Where not a speck of dust will ever see the light

No time, no escape
No truth, no light
No word, no deed
The veil is burned down

I stand here, naked and ashamed
Beat me, boil me, rip me to pieces
It would be the most kindest honour
If you would take my head from its resting place

But know one thing before I go
We all have this monster inside us
To deny it, to escape it, to hide from it
Will make it clutch the bars even tighter

Until it shatters and bursts forth
What then, will be left of innocence?