This poem is about argumentation.

Check out this proposition
Making it my mission
To demolish your half-assed assertion
You have no ground to stand on

Your conclusion reeks of weakness
But me? At least I’m not powerless
For I have the wisdom of the days of old
But I’ll give it you, at least you’re bold

Trying to one-up me
But now listen, and be
For I shall show you the pill
The true meaning of skill

The blind man does not see
For all his worth what it means to be
Without colors, without the evanescence
For he is so used to the dark existence

It takes a shift so fundamental from the ledge
To switch one’s perception to knowledge
And realize their true predicament
Don’t let the people see the lament

For you my man, have lost this fight
The impossible that I reap with my insight
You can only dream of such philosophy
So sit down, and drink your god-damn coffee