Dancing With Death

Dancing With Death

This poem is about death and ephemerality.

The grief-stricken evanescence, hollow’d
in thy feet, it cowers from sight by the moonlight
The stage is ours, make it follow the crispy frost
The lanterns descorating the landscape, they illuminate
the path to our destination, without which I am not complete

Death, thy great jest, so soon you came for me
In the withering autumn songs, your existence is heard
Take my hand, and lead me, away from this sorry production
Step by step, as we reach the gate of curtain-call
Cracks underneath the cosmos, you always were a softie

The absence of presence, once yours, now mine crown
With jewels of moments on its side, showing the fleeting life
This day, was just a passing dream, from which you wake me
And bring me back to the centre, the great flowing
There, I shall meet myself, in the multitude, of one

And there, there is no more you, my partner in dance.