This Dewdrop World II

This Dewdrop World II

This poem is about a funny nostalgia.

In the garden-ways of cherry leaves
The golden posts, the marble streets
This paradise, I never wanted to be mine
The diamond-hour of my plight, is resting beneath my eye

Reflections from a pond, its life is buzzing
The white walls of the light-infused halls
The never-ending road of loneliness, my fate
Descend I now, to the Great Unknown

Pebbles of rubies, my feet’s companions
They lay out these late present-carriers
The past is of nothing, you created the story
Look not to the future, but of your unfolding

There I wait, in end-time
For days of you joining me
Alas, you can never do such clamours
Not until reality itself shatters

You see, your perception is a cage
It must be into knowledge made
And by doing that, you become free
But not a fraction of a second, see

Greater beings the smoke-mirrors show
They mock the existence’s undertow
The wake follows the restless too
And this dewdrop world, I leave to you