Expressions of Being

Expressions of Being

This poem is about describing complex concepts from my books.

Beinglessness, the first’s principle
Three properties follow the abstract
First is Motion, however latent it may be
Second is Space, however benign it may seem
Third is Thought, it expands from the centre

Sparks of Eternity, laying out the foundation
The circles become the celestial lattice for Form
They create the spheres of action, now active
In which The Dormant Womb plucks the Germ, now ready
The pre-cosmic era, is starting up, slow down

Motion changes into Consciousness, Space transforms into Substance
The abstract becomes the tangible, the Helix adjusts
Energy and Consciousness now flowing everywhere
The gradual organization of phenomena now going anywhere
The internal coding of a wave, the blueprint of every process

The Monads are aware, the complexification of matter
Develops into more advanced life-forms, and leaves nothing behind
Yet, there is no progression, the ephemeral locks down
Through selection, we reflect upon input, until bogged down
The sweet agony of existence, is but a trap for the unit

An exit is sorely needed, we seek and seek, until time’s end
We stare oblivion in the face, but never really consider
That our being here, is the chain of the Mahamanvantaras
The universe dissolves back into the period of Pralaya
For we are the eternal expressions of being that come and go