This Dewdrop World

This Dewdrop World

This poem is about being free from worry.

I am drifting to the sky
not a care, gently I fly
we came here to be free
this I say now, you’ll see.

No worries, take it easy
no concepts, make it breezy
step towards this, eyes open
truer words, were never spoken.

The hidden thread, laid bare
this whole scene, under its care
from the shadows it operates
from the nothing it creates.

It’s already been split
but this again, you won’t admit
you fool, you disguise so well
Stop. Can you hear the bell?

It is the sound of your heart
the wisdom of a long forgotten art
reach for it, there’s no rush
at the end it’s waiting, crush

Do you see now? It’s time.
just breathe, you did the climb
rest a while and enjoy the view
this dewdrop world, I leave to you.