This poem is about the seeking of companionship and love.

Never have I tried really searching,
even though my heart and soul longed for it
My soul’s mate did a never-ending yearning
lead me to you and then and there, it all fit

Together we danced on this stage of words
Spurring newfound creations out of thin air
Our time is brief these days, and so it hurts
But shed your worry, and be without a care

For you, poison I would drink
For you, climb the highest mountain I would
Without your soft touch, I can’t think
With the mere sight of you, fly I could

All my life I’ve known
Was it a curse, or a jest?
Love’s secrets to me you have shown
Overcoming challenges, this shall be my test

From the depths of my being, they scream
Our past is but a shallow delusion
There is in you a shimmering gleam
Which pierces my walls and shatters any illusion

Whatever is left I give to you
Into the ocean of love, our love
Into one merging from the two
Break free, and soar like a dove

I believe that the search is over