This poem is about overcoming obstacles and seeing into one’s nature and beyond.

A lonely smile, addressed to no one
I won my heart’s desire but I run
Seeing others fight and they lie
While all this world is sweeping by

Love echoes and smiles to me at dawn
My eyes race up yet I am calm
The undiscovery of the unknown
Darkness to the light it was thrown

Laid bare for all eyes to see
It will not stay hidden for eternity
Cast your curtain aside now
It is a stream unfolding like the Tao

The connection that touches things themselves
Jumping from abyss and back into it delves
What is this that I am feeling
I do not know but I have an inkling

The creation of the creative makes it true
From one second of happiness, then turns blue
It is not without some kind of clamour
Realization of its inherent humour

Know it or don’t know it, I made a jest
Its cycle throughout the kalpas without rest
At the end of it a process of destruction
Come out of the nightmare, it was your own volition

Where are we now? There is no limitation
Without cause, without destination
No time, no space in which to move
Because we transcended all that groove