Dark to Light

Dark to Light

This poem is about finding yourself through hardships.

Ripped through the abyss
Darkness that did not miss
Confounded was the light
Stood there black in white

Lost was the shining might
It did not set things right
The ever pitch dark chasm
Remember it is only a phantasm

I failed myself, I rest in the pit
A hell of my choosing, its deficit
How to get out, I know not
Learn and recollect what was taught

There is a way out, it is certain
But a final leap of faith, into darkness
After that, draw aside the curtain
Be here now, and all else is useless

What do you see now?
A new world, bereft of nightmare
Every face I meet, a holy encounter
A domain where ‘they’ do not dare to enter

Keep looking, for I was never there