This poem is about awakening to your full potential.

I said to thee
hatred will not be
the defining force
instead take the course
of compassion and rejoice

There are no flaws
perfection is without cause
take up the key you were handed
unlock the mind which was granted
soar high from where you landed

Anxious fool you are
why so low a bar
only you can overcome
the nothing is its sum
so quit beating that drum

They say that you will not
but I say you only forgot
redeem yourself now
the deathless do not bow
in eternity you took the vow

There is one thing only
and it did get lonely
thus we exist in relation
wishing each other damnation
never realizing the foundation

If I can choose love
through others lift it above
Wake up, and leave the rest
no need for the depressed
in this place we are blessed