This poem is about recognizing one’s own limitations and rising above them.

Looking beyond, I see nothing
Looking at people, I see them rushing
Running, away from the now
It’s as if they have lost The Tao

Worry not for tomorrow
What you shall eat, what you shall borrow
It is all temporary anyway, an illusion
Though it persists in its delusion

Not a day has gone by
That I didn’t give it a try
Casting aside the veil
Was the task I began setting towards my sail
I might’ve failed countless times
Yet I will keep playing these chimes

What is it that keeps on appearing
In these myriads of forms, then disappearing
Where do the flowers come from?
That isn’t known even to the Four Winds

From the abyss it awakens
The darkness itself as its source
By creating its opposite that brightens
Mother Nature’s fundamental force

What is The Way, I ask you
Your own mind is The Way