Identity II

Identity II

This poem is about the “principle” and fearing the truth.

The cloud shrouded, colours misaligned
Shaken buildings in the background defined
The ray of hope for some, a sickly aberration to others
It stays in its place without pause, without worry for brothers

Ripped through the veil, blazing in all its glory
I hesitated whether I could handle its story
Making way towards it, I stumbled through the dark
The scene shifting towards my landmark

Unable to look away, I was blinded by its sight
Heavenly beautiful albeit terrified in its might
Our paradise is burning down, into ashes it would crumble
Will you escape the wreckage, before it makes us tumble?

Expectation breeds grief
Giving up means relief
They say that one does not need it
But I say you can’t get rid of it

I have to ask: what is the great lesson in pain?
To what end do we think that we will gain?
Perhaps it is suffering in happiness, perhaps it is never-ending
There is no answer, the game was rigged from the beginning

I decay away so I can be reborn
The transference of energy, do not mourn
The whispering void, all encompassing
The overtone of mind, separated bypassing

The frequency does not limit, it merely shapes
It does not set us free by default, it escapes
It goes around in circles, in a spiral of death
Over your head, I place this wreath

Why do we persist in this illusion?
Why do we keep creating confusion?
All we really need to do for serenity
Is to shed our poor little me